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Vita Cow


(as received from Vossen Labs Netherlands)







The Vita Cow can also be used for calves, beef, sheep, goats, etc.

3 in 1

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Administer following amounts of Vita Cow (if necessary diluted with water) on top of the feed daily:

  • Cows: 7.5 ml for every 1 000 kg milk produced per year

  • Bulls: 50 ml

  • Calves: 30 ml

  • Sheep and Goats: 25 ml



  • Improves palatability of roughage

  • Benefits oral and ruminal digestion

  • Stimulates digestive organs

  • Supports condition of liver and kidneys

  • Maximises overall condition and resistance


Optimal results in a total programme with renewed Vita Viktus



Dry cows, last 40 – 60 days before calving, 40 – 50 ml per day:

  • Supports condition liver and kidneys (ketosis)

  • Optimal support development embryo (treat mother, when health problems with calf within 1st week after being born)

  • Contribution in colostrum quality


With half doses renews Vita Viktus prevents limited Ca intake capacity (milk fever)


Direct after calving, 250 ml in bucket lukewarm water:

  • cow is tired and dehydrated: energy and recovery

  • fill empty uterus and prevents turned abomasums

  • stimulate fast feed intake and start lactation

  • improves cleaner uterus and delivery after birth


In problem situations, one or more days 250 ml per day:

  • mastitis or high cell count (with Mastistone or Bio E)

  • very high cell counts (> 500 000), 30 days program with Mastistone or Bio E

  • serious hoof – or locomotive problems (with Panarstone or Bio C)

  • stress – or other situations (transport, cattle shows, etc.)

  • general poor health periods with low resistance and feed intake


Even when antibiotics are needed, total effect via a.o. higher blood flow is increased



First 6 – 8 weeks with milk (replacer), 2x 15 ml per day

  • supports digestion and taste

  • dextro lactic acid is mild for membranes, abomasums and intestines

  • increase intake of more roughage and calf feeds

  • therefore stimulate development of rumen (essential at this stage)


First Vita Cow, then pour milk (replacer) on. Now extra interesting with new Calf Start (oral gel) and Calf Health Muesli