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Viktus Condition


(as received from Vossen Labs Netherlands)



Products are made from existing products and their ingredients. Products and ingredients, which proved to be successful!!



  • Vita Cow: optimal feedintake/general condition

  • Vita Viktus: optimal feedutilisation

  • Resistone: resistance

  • Virustone: condition respiratory system

  • Enteri(stone): condition digestion system (stomach/intestines)

  • Mastistone: condition udder

  • Bio 6000 (Panarst.): condition joints

  • Bio Gin: vitality, blood quality depoisoning, booster



  • All farmers with dairy, sows, layers etc. for optimal production and fertility. In warm countries it show improved condition on heat stress problems

  • As an option for "new" prospects for a complete result

  • For farmers with labour "problems"

  • Most economic usage



Dairy Cows:35 grams per day during lactation, there after 15 grams per day

Sows:In gestation: 15 grams per day
In farrowing: 35 grams per day


The amounts can be adjusted from farm to farm according to needs



  • Supports feed utilization.

  • Supplements the ration with natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


(Excerpt from Vossen Newsletter April 2013)

The introduction, especially in Western Europe, was very, very successful!

We have found many new customers, or older customers in dairy cows and sows who were not complete happy with the extra labour and more complicated way of application of more different products.

Field results have been very good: the introduction of Viktus Condition have even showed a new economic way of dairy farming: a lot of our customers are feeding only (high quality) grass- and maize silage ( plus sugar press pulp or brewers grain) with around 7,5 grams Viktus Condition per 1000 litre yearly milkyield per cow per day ONLY CONCENTRATES!

Their average year production is not that spectacular like productions of 10-12.000 litre per lactation, but those customers produce a yearly average yield of 8.000-9.000 litres with MUCH LOWER COSTS for concentrates, a MUCH BETTER HEALTH STATUS, with much less veterinarian costs and a MUCH BETTER FERTILITY ( shorter calving interval!)

As a result of this more economic way of farming ( with also less extra costs for their Mineral-Balance, which cost a lot of money in Holland for all extra input of feed from other sources), the cows do not peak that high in the first 30-60 days of lactation ( advantage: less burden on health, feed intake and first heat), but the production curve is much more flat in the rest of the lactation.

More and more farmers find this way of production as the best alternative to produce high quality milk for the best costprice per litre!

In the figures of our TOP-5, a good reader could see that the countries who are very successful in the sales of Viktus Condition, other products like the “ Stone” products stay a little behind. But the Marketing-and Sales Division of Vossen Laboratories Int. BV still thinks that there is a serious market for as well this Viktus Condition as for the more traditional product range.

Field trials in countries like South Africa have learned another great quality of Viktus Condition: it shows an amazing improvement in reducing the heat-stress in (sub)tropical conditions or in the humid warm days of which we are used to have in Western Europe!

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