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Ostrich Rearing Trials






A farmer rears 2000 young ostriches per year from 3 days old till 4 months. After 4 months the ostriches go to the growing farm. The farmer takes care of the total management of the young ostriches: feed, housing and medicines. For this the farmer receives R13,50 per kg delivered weight at 4 months.

Mr Andre Pretorius, owner of Boland Organic Solutions cc. and distributor for Vossen Laboratories advised the farmer to use Vita (Cow) to add in the drinking water 3 times a week. This with the aim to improve weight gain and healthier animals.

There was a control group of 180 animals and 167 in the test group.

In total they received 66 ml Vita per animal, around 1,5 ml 3 times per week via the drinking water.



















Other positive contributions:

  • more uniform in size and bodyweight
  • less mortality (10% more mortality in control: death and not acceptable)
  • test group did eat ground etc. , which shows that Vita gave more satisfactory feed regime

All persons involved:

Rearer, Supplier and Grower were very satisfied and will continue this on the total farm.

They also will implement Bio D one time per week in this program to stimulate total feed digestion and limit risks around feed changes, transport etc.

Program For Ostrich Chickens

From day 3 – 120

Schedule Prescript

Week 1 – Week 41 ml / day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)= 12 ml / chicken

Week 5 – Week 81,5 ml / day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)= 18 ml / chicken

Week 9 – Week 122 ml / day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)= 24 ml / chicken

Total:54 ml / chicken 

  • Vita to be applied for 10 hours / day via drinking water.
  • On Wednesday, add 1 ml of Bio D with Vita Cow.


  • increase health
  • uniformity
  • increase the metabolism (bird do not eat ground)
  • increase in weight


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