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Merino Lamb Trial & Testimonial


Farm:Vanwyngaartspan at Hopetown (near Kimberly)

Period:From 28/05/2010 to 03/08/2010 (almost 70 days)

Organized:GWK Co-op at Hopetown and sales adviser B.O.S.

On:450 Merino lambs, divided in 3 feed lot groups of 150 each

Purpose:Finding a positive influence on the economics and economic returns

VL Products:Ateli and Broeistop (silage of peas)

Currency:Estimated R10 = 1 Euro  






























To whom it may concern,

With this I confirm that the above mentioned trial on 450 Merino lambs was done and the results were as follow:

Where I used the Boland Organic Solutions (distributor Vossen Laboratories) products, I had a positive increase of R12,36 per lamb, above the ones with a growth stimulant. With the Boland Organic Solutions and the growth stimulant the result was even R49,71 better per lamb, than the ones with only the growth stimulant. See the calculations.

I feed around 4800 lambs a year and I will definitely use those products with my feed. I use silage from feed peas and the Broeistop is added to that and the Ateli is given daily at a rate of 2 grams per day. Those products give me financial advantages and I can recommend everybody to use them. I did not see any negative effect on my lambs.



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