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Lactating Sows Trial




Mineral needs of high productive sows:

Each sow, as well in the lactation period as in the gestation, has their own specific mineral and trace elements requirements.

Figure 1: Mineral and trace elements losses after 3 births, compared to non pregnant sows:
















Figure 2: Effect of trace elements on reproductive sows over totally 375 litters in organic – and inorganic form:

















Column 2 and 3 are with higher levels of Calcium. ( can bind other macro- and micro minerals ( P, S, Fe, Cu and Zn) and demands for Calcium are not as great as for late foetal development and during lactation ( Ca through the milk)


  • average piglets per litter with organic supplements is 12,26

  • average piglets per litter with inorganic supplements is 11,33 ( 8,2% lower!)

Figure 3: Minerals and trace elements needed for piglets from 45 days after mating to birth:











Some Data:

  • Organic Selenium (S) has especially showed a high difference in performance

  • Regarding Calcium ( Ca) and Phosphorous ( P) a litter of 12 piglets requires respectively 73 gr Ca and 44 gr P during last week of gestation. If less, this can result in bone demineralisation and possible weakening of skeleton.But too much in an earlier stage is not working positive (see right column in Figure 1)


What can we do with those figures by using Vossen Laboratories’ programmes?

  • All ingredients are full organic (see Figure 1)

  • As a health – and feed utilisation support we advise for sows Vita Viktus or Viktus Condition (including most other ingredients, like Vita (feed intake, cleaning liver and kidneys), Resistone (resistance), Virustone (respiratory), Enteristone (intestines), Panarstone (joints and legs), Mastistone (udder) and Bio Gin (vitality, blood purifier). Both contain a.o. organic Selenium

  • Vita Viktus and Viktus Condition are not just a mineral product. They contain 100% naturalingredients, based on minerals, trace elements ( most variety of all competitors, based on seaweed containing around 60 minerals and trace elements), amino acids (not available as normal through animal sources, competitors try to solve this with too much protein) and extracts which improve the utilisation of other feeds and minerals (so this can be reduced step by step on individual experience of the farmer)

  • With our general advise we give different levels of Vita Viktus and Viktus Condition (only maximum half doses during gestation) we follow earlier proven statements.

  • For sows we advise a lower Protein level in the feed, because of an increased utilisation. This is much cheaper and healthier!


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