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Herbali +

Herbali + contains all the benefits of Herbali with the added advantage of HP Active (root stimulant). It is a plant stimulant and plant feed solution containing Cytoquinines, Phytohormones, and a high percentage of biologically accessible trace elements.


When applied on the leaves of the plant, Herbali:

  • Increases cell division in all phases of growth and activities.

  • Mobilizes and increases sap flow (up – and downwards in plant).

  • Decreases and stabilize pH inside the plant, thereby eliminating the favorite conditions for viruses, fungi, and harmful bacteria.

  • Rectifies mineral imbalances inside the plant, corrects the balance between root-, vegetative-, and generative growth.

  • Increases resistance against diseases like: Phytophtera, Pythium, Verticilium, Altenaria, Fusarium, Botrytis, Rhizoctonia, Rhizomania, Perenospora, etc (30 plus) by means of duplication of systemical “ messages” from pathogen cells inside the plant.

  • Cancels apical dominances (first formed fruit / flower takes the most nutrients from plant) resulting in much more even sized yield.

  • Herbali has proved itself in increasing yield as well as quality, (without sacrificing one for the other).

  • Helps the plant to a faster recovery after stress situations eg. Extreme wind, diseases caused by fungus, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, drought, big temperature fluctuations, drowning etc.


APPLICATION: 1-4 Litre per hectare per season depending on the crop.








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