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Penergetic B Bentonite


Supporting Plant Growth


Penergetic B has been designed to stimulate soil biology and to promote its activity. By stimulating the soil organisms, the mychorrhizae and indirectly the root growth are activated.

The crop residues in the field should not be neglected. They are useful and important food for soil organisms.



* Accelerate microbial activity and soil quality

* Increases phosphorous (P) availability

* Reduces influence of harmful microbes

* Activates crop residue decomposting

* Helps mitigate soil compaction

* Increased number of beneficial fungi in soil

* Less fertilizer needed due to increased soil fertility

* Optimized soil structure (air, water, heat balance)

* Easier tillage

* Less machinery work needed

* Reduces weed pressure

- Taken from: With the impulse of nature - Penergetic.




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