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Plant Healthcare Products
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The output of horticultural and agricultural companies depends on several factors. Production is influenced by the health of the plant, the quality of the soil, the activity of the roots and the hygiene. The food intake, the resistance as well as the overall condition plays a role. It is not easy to reach an optimal output because of the interconnection between the several factors. Our representatives can advise you on how to forestall certain expenses, save costs and increase your output. Together you consider  how to diminish the risk of diseases and to progress the recovery of damages. The representatives have an extensive parcel of very effective, high quality products at their disposal. Products which support the healthcare of your crop. Below you will find several examples of problems we can help you with.

* Less resistance obstructs growth

A healthy, strong plant grows well resulting in optimal production. But if the natural resistance declines, the crops are less capable to withstand fungus attacks. Damages can take much longer to recover or not recover at all. Economical damage is caused by the expensive products used for treatment as well as the obstruction of growth, resulting in less production.

* Inactive soils have an immediate negative impact on crops

Soil is the basis for a healthy well growing and producing crop. A disturbed soil life, a poor balance between the different soil organisms or very low soil life activity, has an immediate negative impact on the crops that are grown on that soil. It is of utmost importance to support healthy soil to get the optimal output.

* Disturbed root development inhibits plant growth and development

The roots are responsible for the ´intake´ of nutrients out of the soil or substratum. A disturbed root development due to acidity being too high or too low, disturbed soil life or damaging substances (incl. over fertilization) will lead to the loss of growth and production. A poor root development has a negative impact on the condition and natural resistance of the plant. Problems can be prevented by supporting a healthier and more active root system.

* Bad hygiene - a source of infection for new crops

Hygiene is very important to the output. Dirty machines and materials are a source of infection for new crops. Fungi and bacteria are able to survive in old dried up dirt. 

If the glass of a green house is dirty it disturbs the amount of light that reaches the crop. This will have direct consequences for the growth and development of the plants, which need enough light. 


Bio Terra I - Soil activator for use with Bio Terra II.

Bio Terra II - Soil micro-life activator for use with Bio Terra I.

Penergetic B - Brings the soil life and plant physiology into resonance.


HP Active - assists root development and protection.


Herbali + : Stress control and growth stimulating strengthener.

Penergetic P Molasses: Strengthens plants and assists healthy physiological development.

Penergetic P Bentonite : Strengtthens plants and assists healthy physiological development.

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