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Foliar Fertilizers
GroStim (© Ferti Organics)

GroStim is a liquid plant feeder with micro elements. The product is based on a concentrated kelp and molasses mixture. Through highly specialized cold extraction methods, the growth promoting hormones

(auxins and cytokinins) are captured in a concentrate derived from Ecklonia maxima.


Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals with the added benefit of quantum physics and specialized biomagnetic technology, GroStim stands out as a premier quality product.


The combination of nutrients captured in the enriched kelp extract contained in GroStim, is especially formulated to provide a growing plant with several vital stimuli. These include plant strengthening stimulators, micro elements (in chelated form to ease uptake), root stimulation and a natural, healthy growth cycle.





























Cal-UP is a calcium (Ca) enriched foliar spray. The calcium is formulated for maximum uptake. Calcium is important in many aspects of plant growth. The primary functions of calcium in plants are its roles in cells, fruit formation and tuber formation. An adequate amount of calcium would ensure quality and skin finish.


Added to the product is a balanced ratio of Magnesium (Mg) as well as trace elements which serve as important catalyzing agents in plant metabolic processes. With the addition of fulvic acid and Potassium (K), cell metabolism is stimulated and availability of nutrients enhanced.

Cal-Up (© Ferti Organics)
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