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Our Products
Natural Plant and Animal Products


* Cost reduction

* Yield / Output improvement

* Best quality

* Balanced soil, healthy plants

* Healthy animals, higher production


How do our products achieve these objectives?


* By increasing the natural resistance of plants and animals

* By reducing mortalities

* Optimization of nutrient utilization

* Support of growth and development

* A healthy plant or animal is more resistant to disease and is in a better position to recover from disease or stress induced damages.

* Strengthening of the natural resistance of the plant or animal

(This can be insufficient when several negative factors influence the plant at the same time eg.(plants) a combination of high temperatures and a disturbed soil life balance.)


Herbali +

HP Active

Penergetic P Molasses

Penergetic P Bentonite



Soil Life:

Bio Terra I

Bio Terra II

Penergetic B Molasses

Penergetic B Bentonite

Soil Composting:

Penergetic K Bentonite

Bio Terra I

Bio Terra II

Feed Additives:

Ateli X

Viktus Condition

Penergetic T

Animal Health:

Bio A

Bio D

Bio E

Vita Cow



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