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Butternut Trial


This result was received from near the Zimbabwe border.

The trial, as well as controls, were planted on the 1st of March 2009. They harvested after 9 weeks, round about 6 May 2009.

Usually these crops take about 3 months before harvesting starts.










"We sprayed 4 liters of Herbali + 200ml HP Active per hectare. We sprayed 8 times every 2 weeks over a 2 month period."

The following pictures show more examples of these butternuts.







In this image the Herbali trial butternuts

are at the top and the control butternuts

are at the bottom.

In this image- the Herbali trial butternuts weigh an astonishing 3.5 kg.

This picture shows the amount of substance in the butternut with only a small part of pips. These butternuts contains fewer pips, like cucumbers.

The butternut on the left is the control and also the biggest from the control block. On the right hand  side is the trial. The shoe is a size 11

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