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Bio Terra I & II


Bio Terra is a natural microbial enzyme that stimulates soil life by activating useful bacteria and microorganisms in the soil. The effect of Bio Terra in the soil is an increase in microbial population by 40 to 70 times.


When taken up in the soil, Bio Terra:

  • Stimulates breakdown of organic material, and plant / harvest rests (above and in the soil)

  • Increases the oxygen levels in the soil.

  • Sets phosphate and potassium free in compacted soil and makes it available to the plant.

  • Prevents the forming of, (and breaks up) clods in clay soil, by producing carbon dioxide that expands as a gas in the soil.

  • Makes soil softer, more fertile, and increase the population of earthworms.

  • Increases soil temperature 3-5 degrees in cold conditions and during cold planting times.

  • Increases water retention (%C) in the soil.

  • Breaks down chemical residues in the soil.

  • Replaces aeration of soil on a regular basis.

  • Stimulates root growth.



APPLICATION:  Soil application around root area once per annum as and when needed.  3 – 4 liters of Bio Terra 1 plus 300 – 400ml Bio Terra 2 per hectare.






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Material Safety Data Sheets

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