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Bio Cream


(as received from Vossen Labs Netherlands)





Bio Crème is a very useful solution for all kind of external skin problems. Most farmers use this for their animals, but experience teach us that it is also used as a human “cosmetic” (all the beautiful ladies in Finland understand this quality!)

We will now show you some test results from Bio Crème on skin problems on cattle and horses.


What is Bio Crème?

Bio Creme is a skin care product, mainly used for animals and composed of high quality ingredients. It is a special mixture of herbal extracts such as: Calendula, Urtica, Hypericum and vegetable oils (of which Carrot oil and Calendula oil are the most important).


What is the effect of Bio Crème?

There will always be pathogen bacteria present on the skin. When the resistance is low and there is a wound present,  there will be a high risk for infection.

Besides a lack of suitable management, where animals show a rather poor condition and bad hygiene, economic reasons such as lower milk yields, – growth or – achievements, are even more important.

The skin is a very important organ for the defence against all kind of exterior influences and infections. Besides damage caused by (sharp) objects, parasites can cause skin problems as well.

The usage of Bio Crème resulted in the wounds on the skin and teats to dry a lot faster. It also makes the skin more supple. This resulted in a very fast recovery.

Those needs have lead to the development of Bio Crème. This crème must have the following special qualities:

  • a good sticky effect

  • easy to apply

  • a good and fast effect ( see test results)

  • special healing for wounds etc.

  • improved resistance of (damaged) skin

  • No steroids (hormones) or antibiotics.


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