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Ateli Plus





  • Homeopathic complex total upgraded

Since 2006 also added YUCA extracts: minimalising Ammonia (Urea) production, externally and internally



  • Carbonated algae lime

  • Seaweed

  • Brewers Yeast

  • Flavours

  • Sunflower oil

  • Homeopathic complex


Carbonated Algae Lime

  • supplement to feed with natural minerals and trace elements

  • carrier for other ingredients



  • supplement to feed with natural minerals and trace elements

  • supplement to feed with proteins and natural vitamins

  • alginates, which have a depoisoning effect (in the intestines)


Brewers Yeast

  • supplement to feed with proteins and natural vitamins



  • Apple: supports digestion

  • Blackberry: contributes to prevent diarrhoea & purifies the blood

  • Raspberry: contributes to prevent diarrhoea & purifies the blod

  • Blueberry: contributes to prevent diarrhoea & has anti-microbiotic qualities

The total apple- and berries recipe also provide a nice smell and optimal taste for the animals


Sunflower oil

  • protects the intestines against harmful substances such as irritating ingredients in the feed, toxins such as fungi, intestinal parasites (anti-oxidants)

  • stimulates the development of the intestinal flora

  • decrease dust problems of product


Homeopathic complex

  • natural support and optimisation of the utilisation of nutrients in the intestines

  • nutrients such as:

    • sugars – minerals

    • fatty acids – trace elements

    • amino acids – vitamins

  • supports the construction of muscles and connective tissue (Ateli)

  • supports the construction of the skeleton and bones (Victus Condition)



Administer by mixing it into the feed or as top-dressing by direct feeding.

Fattening Pigs:In starter feed: 2kg/tonne, in rest feed: 1kg/tonne

Meat Cattle:0 – 2 months: 5g/animal per day
2 months – 300kg body weight: 10g/animal per day
300kg+ body weight: 25g/animal per day




  • Supports feed utilization.

  • Supplements the ration with natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements.



  • For an optimal result it is best to administer Ateli every day.

  • Ateli can not dissolve in water and is unsuitable for ad lib intake.

  • In Taiwan Ateli is very successful as an additive in sweet water fish farming. The big advantage is that ingredients of Ateli are not water soluble, so easy to mix in feed for Aquaculture.

  • In South Africa they see great chances for Ateli Plus as well Viktus Condition for a.o. extensive sheep farms ( like in the Karoo) or in Game Parks as an additional supplement with the feed in the winter. In Game Parks there are famous breeding stations for wild animals, like buffalo and sable bucks, for which optimal condition and fertility are of main importance.

  • Implementing into a local produced lick block is a serious option for extensive use, or if it is too dangerous to come close.



With our thanks to our innovative R&D team, which is researching and developing (new) products and thanks to the input of our (inter) national sales advisers and managers.

This results in an interactive process between Laboratory and the "field", which motivates our sale staff in their advise to the farmers.

Compliments to Mr. Olaf van Rooij and his team members!



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