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With more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural and distribution sectors, we provide top quality products and the care needed to help farmers obtain higher yields and better quality produce. 

Our animal health specialists are ready to help keep your animals healthy, maintain high production levels and work on the cost

effectiveness through better feed conversion and production quality.

In the field we have experts to help with yield improvement, soil maintenance, fertilizer management and plant health. 

Through a holistic approach we aim to improve all aspects of the client's farming practices. In collaboration with our national and international experts we strive to bring you the best in quality products and skilled farming practices. With some of the best European products on the market today we give every farmer the opportunity to use the most advanced Swiss and Dutch biotechnology available on their farms.


As the sole agricultural supplier of Penergetic in Southern Africa, we offer the sustainability only the Swiss can bring through their precision and attention to detail. With the help of biokinetic energy as well as high quality carrier materials, the entire ecosystem on a farm can be changed. This is done in a move towards greener, friendlier and more sustainable farming for future generations.


With the Dutch understanding of care and quality towards farming animals, Vossen laboratories developed a series of outstanding products for both the crop and animal sector. Their understanding of holistic farming gives them an edge in product formulation and development. Touching on each segment of the farming, Vossen products tend to bring out the best balance in quality, quantity and health. Boland Organic Solutions are the sole distributors of Vossen products in Southern Africa.


As the research, development and production arm of the Boland Organic Solutions group of companies, Ferti Organics delivers the ability to develop our own series of fertilizing products. Along with the Ferti Organics series of products, enriched fertilizer fluids to the requirements of our clients can also be formulated. The fertilizer products are for use in any crops at different application rates. 

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